watching: legend of the galactic heroes
reading: one piece
playing: ffxiv

  • DATA CENTER crystal

  • HOME WORLD malboro

  • PLAY TIME evenings & nights est

  • FOCUS casual raiding, glamour

  • NAME Rori'to Lhavru

  • GENDER male

  • MAIN JOB smn

  • LIKES spriggans. they're fuzzy

hey me Jenn (´◡`)

i'm a full-time prepress artist who loves to sleep...٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و

my favorite hobby is cosplay and making things! you can usually find me at katsucon and occasionally other conventions on the east coast.
i have social anxiety and i probably wont approach you first, so feel free to take the initiative when wanting to say hello to me!

to be short and sweet, my fav video game characters are kazuhira miller and akira nishikiyama. i love gushing about them at any given time. feel free to click around to learn more about me! :3

video games

▪︎ metal gear solid

♥︎ my current reason for being alive LMAO ive only been a fan for several years and i have never ever loved anything in my entire LIFE as much as this series. favorite media experience i have ever had so far. i am prepared to give my Life for kazuhira miller

▪︎ yakuza

♥︎ i am absolutely infatuated with this series. im speechless tbh LMAO. its so good. its so fuckign good. nishiki is my favorite character i would give my life for his happiness in a heartbeat

▪︎ final fantasy xv

♥︎ ignis

▪︎ pokemon
▪︎ spyro
▪︎ lots of nintendo
▪︎ kingdom hearts
+ others...


▪︎ idolmaster cg:ss

♥︎ anastasia

▪︎ love live

♥︎ eli, kanan, guilty kiss, bibi, saint snow

▪︎ idolish7

♥︎ ryunosuke, yuki, yamato

▪︎ ensemble stars

♥︎ wataru, kaoru, tetora


▪︎ logh

♥︎ yang, attenborough, mittermeyer, kircheis, frederica, schönkopf

▪︎ one piece

♥︎ usopp, sir crocodile, iceburg, buggy, aokiji

▪︎ golden kamuy
▪︎ hozuki no reitetsu
▪︎ evangelion
▪︎ tiger and bunny
▪︎ mononoke
▪︎ jjba / steel ball run
+ a ton of others lol